Clean and Reclaim Agriculture Wastewater Sludge

Technology cleans, disinfects, and turns liquid manure into clean reusaole water and ary pelletized fertilizer.

New Construction / Construction Management

Livestock Water and Energy provides construction management. We build barns that are built to 50-year standards and that are state of the art.

Retrofit Existing Facilities

Retrofit existing facilities with our technology. Retrofitting Is more advantageous in certain situations as it is less time and money intensive.

Clean and Reclaim Oilfield Production Water and Wastewater Sludge

Provides a significant cost savings to the oil producer along with being better for the environment and better for the community. production water no longer needs to be but back down holes, IT CAN BE CLEANED FOR REUSE at the wellhead or at the SWD site.

Reclaim Existing Manure Lagoons

We reclaim existing manure lagoons with our technology. Manure lagoons are a huge threat to the environment and to the local human population. We can mitigate all those threats by cleaning and reclaiming existing lagoons. Boroducts are clean water and arvtertilizer and a Cleanersaereavrronment

Carbon Credits

Reduce your carbon emissions by using Carbon credits - a mechanism used to mitigate climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Use them for carbon trading to earn revenue or encourage other companies to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

A Fully Automated System

Driven by Award Winning Technology

Pre Treatment

Inline Advanced Particle Separation

Pre Filtration

Ceramic Ultra Filtration


Advanced Oxidation

UV System Disinfection

High Efficient Vacuum Flash Phase Change Treatment

Vacuum Membrane Distillation

Reverse Osmosis

Versatile and Adaptable Systems for Any Environment

We have designed our systems so that they may be used as skid based systems or designed to fit within a container. They can also be transported as an external load under a helicopter.
In addition, we designed our systems to work in all climate zones, there are nearly no climate limitations.
Discharge permit requirements are achieved by replacing different technologies within the machine for each unique situation. We have designed our machines to be highly adaptable regardless of the situation or environment.

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