Our Core Values

A leading force in livestock and oilfield wastewater treatment, we are dedicated to transforming agricultural and industrial waste into valuable resources while prioritizing environmental sustainability.

Extraordinary Experiences

Backed by years of expertise, we’ve honed our craft in wastewater treatment, setting industry standards for efficiency and effectiveness. Our team comprises seasoned professionals dedicated to innovation and sustainability, ensuring that every solution meets the highest quality standards. With a proven track record of success, we continue to lead the charge in revolutionizing wastewater management across agricultural and industrial sectors.

Travis Hills | CEO

A true leader for over 20 years, Travis has been a successful serial entrepreneur finding
opportunities to develop solutions where there are voids in the market. These voids in the  marketplace provided opportunity for rapid growth and scalability. An inventor and biochemist  by trade, his niche is bridging science, technology, and business.

He assisted in developing hydrodynamic and acoustic cavitation methods for wastewater  treatment and ballast water treatment. He also assisted in converting coal into graphene,  methanol, fiber and olefins.

In addition, some of his other past ventures have included being a multistate franchise owner,  software development, copacking, and manufacturing.

Torsten Leines | COO

Proven, accomplished, energetic and highly experienced finance/operating officer with 20+ years of career progression analyzing financial statements, managing and securing corporate financing, contracts, vendor relationships, liaison with legal counsel, and facility/construction
management. He is an adept problem solver, compliance with company regulations, state laws, and requirements for all related insurance policies.
Torsten is instrumental in being able to analyze operations to evaluate a company’s financial
performance and its employees in meeting goals or determine areas of potential cost reduction.
His specialty areas include oil & gas, real estate, manufacturing, and asset management.

Jake McNair | CTO

Jake McNair has accumulated over 17 years of extensive experience in the realm of contaminated soil, manure management, and water remediation. He has become a specialist in various cutting-edge technologies aimed at addressing environmental challenges.
Over the course of his career, Jake has developed a robust skill set in navigating the regulatory landscape. He has successfully managed permits for solid waste facilities, secured air
pollution control permits, obtained overland water discharge permits, and gained beneficial use determination authorizations. In addition, Jake has provided manure management services for several large dairy operations.

Steve Swanson | Director of Commodities

With over a decade of expertise in opaque commodity markets, Steve is a master at structuring commercial off take agreements and building efficient logistics networks. He excels at launching new operations and forging strategic partnerships that drive success. While at Northern Capital Partners, Steve crafted markets for two new frac sand mines.  Additionally, as a consultant to Yale University, he led the USDA climate-smart commodities program, pioneering environmentally friendly ag lime alternatives. Steve’s strategic vision and operational excellence makes him a vital asset to the Livestock Water and Energy team.

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