We are the Industry Leading Experts

Livestock Water and Energy is the Leader when it comes to cleaning livestock wastewater sludge (manure) and oilfield production/wastewater!

What We Do

Livestock Water and Energy provides state of the art wastewater treatment solutions to both the Agricultural and the Oilfield communities.

Driven by award winning technology, we clean, reclaim, and reuse all Agricultural and Oilfield wastewater sludge. We take wastewater and make it drinkable.

Livestock Water and Energy drastically improves the environment and provides significant advantages and cost savings to the end user.

Reclaim and reuse

All wastewater in barn or at wellhead and make it potable (drinkable)

Our multi-patented device

is self-generating and requires no electricity

Millions of Gallons

reclaimed annually per site

Need Help Cleaning Your Wastewater?