Project Funding

$50M Revenue Backed Opportunity

Sustainable Agricultural Wastewater Project


Use of Proceeds

We allocate funds towards bolstering infrastructure for our wastewater treatment facilities and investing in cutting-edge research to continuously improve our technology and processes, ensuring long-term sustainability and efficacy in our mission to transform wastewater into valuable resources.

Construction of 2 Facilities on Swine Farms

Construction of 7 Facilities on Dairy Farms


Very little competition

Carbon credits and sustainability are deemed important for the future.

High demand marketplace

Long term 15-20 year contract

Huge Value proposition to Farmers- we solve several problems for Farmers

"Livestock Water and Energy cleans manure in real time and in doing so, solves several problems for farmers and creates several new revenue streams for them. Livestock Water and Energy is on a fast track to totally disrupt the agricultural landscape."
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