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LWE processes manure wastewater in real time. By doing this, we creat a high value dry fertilizer, we generate validated carbon credits, we remove the salts out of the solids (potash), and we recycle clean drinkable water back to the farm for reuse. In addition, we drasticlly reduce the noxious odors typically associated with livestock operations

Wastewater is turned into clean potable (drinkable) water ready for reuse. It is pathogen free and can be used flushing, irrigation, fed back to livestock, or discharged etc.

Sustainable farming is an approach to agricultural practices that maintain a positive impact on environmental health, economic profitability and social equity. Sustainable farming focuses on using natural resources wisely and efficiently, such as soil, water, and energy. It seeks to minimize waste and reduce the negative impact on the environment.

The wastewater is treated and cleaned with our proprietary wastewater treatment plant that uses vacuum membrane distillation.

Carbon credits are a mechanism used to mitigate climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Companies or entities that are able to reduce emissions beyond their required targets or baseline can earn carbon credits. These credits represent a reduction in emissions or a removal of greenhouse gases and can be used for carbon trading to earn revenue or encourage other companies to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

Carbon Credits have value through both the US Treasury Department and several Carbon Credit trading marketplaces. The US Treasury Department guarantees a certain amount in the form of either cash or a tax credit. Carbon Credit marketplaces cater to companies like Google, Amazon, Meta etc where they purchase carbon credits in bulk.

Livestock Water and Energy generates verified and validated carbon credits and come with a serial number. This makes them extremely valuable.

Wastewater treatment is important from a water conservation standpoint, noxious odor standpoint and can generate extra income for the farm.

Yes! By processing manure in real time we create 3 new revenue streams; a dry high value fertilizer, salts, and carbon credits.

LWE can provide reclamation of manure lagoons similar to how we retrofit existing barns. We pump the wastewater out of the lagoon and into an onsite machine. In doing so, we would creat a high value dry fertilizer, some carbon credits and take the salts out of the solids.

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