About Us

Who & What is Livestock Water & Energy?

Industry Leaders when it comes to cleaning livestock and oilfield wastewater sludge!

It is no secret that wastewater management is and continues to be one of the largest burdens both industries face.

We take Agricultural wastewater and turn it into clean water and solid dry fertilizer. Each barn’s manure is filtered and processed daily. We make livestock barns community friendly by reducing off gassing to zero and thereby eliminating odors that traditional barns have. We take Oilfield production and wastewater and turn it into clean water and salts.

Financially, our technology just makes sense. 100% of the water that is reclaimed can be reused on the farm or in the oilfield.

Principles of Our Work

  1. Clean 100% of a facilities wastewater sludge and reclaim to reuse on farm or at the oil well head

  2. Retrofit existing facilities with our wastewater sludge treatment solution

  3. Provide 100% financing for new barn builds

  4. Eliminate the need for manure lagoons thereby reducing smell, bacteria & contaminants

  5. Turn manure into clean drinkable reusable water and solid dry fertilizer

  6. Turn oilfield production water into clean reusable water

Upgrade your sustainable farming practices with our experts.

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